Examinations Regulations for Undergraduate Degree Programmes for the Faculty

  1. All candidates will be required to take and pass examinations in all the registered courses in any particular semester.

  2. Any student who fails to any component of a particular course /field work shall be deemed to have failed the course.

  3. Grading shall be given by one of the letter grades A, B+, B, C, D and E. For averaging purposes the grades shall have a numerical value of 5, 4,3,2,1 and 0 respectively. The pass grade in each course shall be taken that of “C”. The grade for an absolute fail shall be “E”.

  4. A minimum of 90 units taken from semester 1 to 6 shall be used to calculate the final degree standing.

  5. Courses shall be weighted by multiplying the final grade of a given course by the number of its course units, and a candidate’s overall performance will be computed by dividing the total course units into the weighted total for all courses.

  6. All marks for coursework and written examinations shall be adjusted before amalgamation and such adjustment will be made by the respective Departments. Coursework marks for theory courses shall be 40 percent while final examination will be awarded 60 percent. All methods courses shall be awarded 50 percent for course work and 50 percent for final examinations.

  7. A candidate who fails some courses at D or E but attains a GPA not below 1.8.will be required to supplement the failed courses.

  8. Where a continuing student fails a supplementary examination, she/he shall be allowed to carryover the failed courses provided she /he attains an average of GPA of 2. Only two courses will be allowed for a candidate to carryover .A candidate shall be discontinued from studies if s/he fails in more than two supplemented courses.

  9. A candidate‘s final grading in the B.Ed. Degree programme will be determined by the weighted average of all units earned from first to third years including teaching practice grades.