Special Programmes

The Faculty of Education offers degree and non degree programmes, for undergraduate and post graduate students. Faculty offers a Bachelor of Education in Arts (B.Ed. Arts), Bachelor of Education in Science (B.Ed. Science), Postgraduate diploma in education (Evening), Postgraduate diploma in Education (online - to begin soon) and Outreach programmes for colleges and university which do not offer education programs.

Moreover, the faculty has embarked itself in the in-service teachers’ professional development programs which are conducted inside and outside DUCE. Our students are developed to become highly competent
professional graduate teachers, with a wider outlook on the teaching profession and equipped with critical thinking and transferrable generic skills. Our graduates are the preferred choice for a diverse section of
employers within and beyond the teaching industry.


 In-service teachers training programmes
The faculty of Education is also engaged in the training of the in-service teachers as part of the teacher professional development program. Teachers from different parts of the country are invited to attend a one to four weeks training at DUCE. Normally the training programs are funded by different organizations. For example, currently the Faculty of Education is working in partnership with the British Council through the Global Linkage and Initiatives project to train in-service teacher on emerging issues in education, such as education research, ICT in education, education entrepreneurship and education leadership.


Special Education Unit
The faculty of Education at DUCE offers special care and training for students with special needs, particularly those with low vision or those with total visual disabilities. Our students with special needs are attended by trained and qualified personnel who are well equipped in reading and translating the Braille texts into normal texts and vice versa. Their academic success is our top priority.