Personal Information


Dr. Budeba Petro Mlyakado


Contact Address:

P.O Box 2329,Dar es Salaam,
Email: budeba.petro@duce.ac.tz and mlyakado@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: +255 743 231 512


Dr. Budeba Petro Mlyakado is a Lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies at Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE). He joined DUCE as a Tutorial Assistant, in August 2009 with a Bachelor of Education in Arts (B.Ed. Arts) of the University of Dar es Salaam. In November 2009, he was promoted to Assistant Lecturer after successful completion of Master of Arts in Applied Social Psychology (MAASP) of the University of Dar es Salaam. He pursued Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences at City University of Hong Kong and graduated in October, 2016.Dr. Mlyakado worked on ‘Adolescents’ Help-Seeking Intention for Sexual Exploitation’ for his PhD project and has publications in areas of his research interests and has made some presentations in local and international conferences.


City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong – Special Administrative Region of China – 2013-2016
PhD (Social and Behavioural Sciences)
University of Dar es Salaam 2007-2009
MA (Applied Social Psychology).
University of Dar es Salaam 2003-2007
Bachelor of Education (Arts).

Area of Specialization and Research Interests

  • Sexuality Matters (Sexual Violence, Abuse, and Exploitation)
  • Child and Adolescent Welfare
  • Gender and Culture and
  • Social and Personality Psychology


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  3. Li, J. C-M., Cheung, C. K., Jia, X. S., &Mlyakado, B. P. (2016). Exploitation, offence or private issue? Guardians’ perceptions and self-perceived efficacy in handling girl compensated dating in Hong Kong. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. doi:10.1177/0886260516665106.
  4. Kayombo, J. J., &Mlyakado, B. P. (2016). The paradox of ICT integration in secondary education in Tanzania: Assessment of teachers’ ICT knowledge and skills in Tanga and Mwanza regions. International Journal of Research Studies in Educational Technology, 5(1), 17-27. doi:10.5861/ijrset.2015.1299.
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Conference Presentations

  1. International Conference on Outreach Work: Youth Gangs, Violence and Female Delinquency; 3rd-5th December, 2015; City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. [PresentedExploration of Adolescents’ Sexual Exploitation in Tanzania from the Perspectives of Teachers & Social Welfare Offices]

  2. Global Social Sciences Conference 2014 on Social Development Confronting Global Challenges: Action, Policy, Planning and Social Work Interventions; 10th-12th April, 2014; Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. [Presented:The Challenges of Transactional Sex, Power Relations, Taboos, and Myths in Fighting HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa]

  3. Ninth International Conference of the International Development Ethics Association (IDEA) on Development Ethics Gender and Justice; 9th-12th June, 2011; Bryn Mawr, USA [Presented: Gender Inequalities in Education and Employment: The Results of Gendered Socialisation]