Personal Information


Dr. Ikupa Moses


Contact Address:

P.O Box 2329,Dar es Salaam,
Email: ikupam@duce.ac.tz


Ikupa Moses is a lecturer and a teacher educator in the department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies at DUCE. Ikupa has been a member of the Faculty of Education at DUCE since 2007, until that timeshe worked as a secondary teacher for eight years. She holds a PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education from Leiden Universityin the Netherlands.Ikupa's Ph.D project investigated student-teachers' commitment to teaching. Based on the findings of her study she draws a conclusion that together with other roles teacher education plays in the making of a teacher, it has a very important role to instil and enhance commitment to the teaching profession among student teachers. Her passions for teaching takes her into research areas related to teaching and teacher education. Ikupa is a coordinator of a Gender Unit at DUCE, she works with the university to mainstream gender in order to enhance gender equality at the DUCE.


Area of Specialization and Research Interests

Teaching, Teacher Education, Teacher Motivation and Commitment, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology and Gender Issues


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