Personal Information


Dr. Patrick Kavenuke

Contact Address:

P.O Box 2329,Dar es Salaam,
Email: patrickkavenuke@yahoo.com and patrickkavenuke@gmail.com

Phone: +255 759 100 006 and +86 188 1303 0257


Patrick Kavenuke is a Lecturer in the Department of Educational Foundations, Management and Life long Learning. Kavenuke has received many prizes including the second prize of the best PhD students of the year 2015/2016 by Beijing Normal University. He received a certificate of an outstanding student of the 2012 Master Degree cohort at East China Normal University. He also received a certificate of appreciation from Ambassador Abdulahman Amir Shimbo after facilitating a workshop on “Paper Publication Procedures And Researching Skills” to Tanzanian students in Beijing. Besides, Kavenuke received a certificate of appreciation from Beijing Normal University, Faculty Dean after facilitating a seminar on “Identifying a Good Research Topic and Overall Academic Writing” to Faculty of Education International students. He received his Bachelor of Education in Arts (Linguistics) at the University of Dar es Salaam in 2010 and Master degree in Educational Leadership and Policy at East China Normal University, Shanghai in 2012. He has taught International and Comparative Education, Philosophy of Education and Principles of Education at Dar es Salaam University College of Education. Kavenuke is currently pursuing his PhD in Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University, Beijing and is a member of the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK) (2016- to date).


Area of Specialization and Research Interests

  • Teaching and Meaningful Learning;
  • Critical Pedagogy;
  • Critical Thinking Skills in Students;
  • Critical Theories of Education;
  • Teacher Leadership and Management; Language of Instruction in Multicultural Societies;
  • Academic Advising; and
  • Comparative Education.

Publications and Presentations

  1. Kavenuke, P. S. (2013). What is it that keeps good teachers in the teaching profession: A reflection on teacher retention, Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 4 (1), pp. 165-175

  2. Kavenuke, P. S. (2015). Academic advising and students’ achievement in higher education:Experiences from Dar es salaam University College of Education, Journal of Education,Humanities and Sciences,Vol. 4 (2), pp.76–86.

  3. Kavenuke, P. S. & Uwamahoro, E. (2017). Foreign languages as languages of instruction, liberating silencing: A critical analysis of Tanzania and Rwanda. International Journal of Education and Research, Vol. 5 (12), pp. 249-260.


  1. Presented a paper on “Foreign Languages as Languages of Instruction, Liberating or Silencing: A Critical Analysis of Tanzania” in the Third Global Teacher Education Summit held on October 13th – 16th, 2017 at Beijing Normal University.
  2. Presented a paper on “Teaching for critical thinking: Practices in Chinese Elementary School Classrooms” at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong on 15th – 16th April, 2016 conference on “Learning to live together and comparative education”.
  3. Presented a paper on “Academic Advising and Students’ Achievement in Higher Education: Experiences from Dar es Salaam University College of Education” at the University of Philippines in Manila, Philippines on 28th – 30th January, 2016 conference on “Diversity on educational policy and practice: Challenges and opportunities”.