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Ms. Gasper Nturu Shoo

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Gasper Nturu Shoo is Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Education-Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE). He holds Masters in Education Management and Administration (MEMA) from the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM). Prior to joining Masters Program, Shoo had pursued a Bachelor in Education (Arts), Diploma in Education and Certificate in teaching. Shoo instructs management and administration courses to include but not limited to: Management of Education and School Administration, Administrative and Organizational Behaviour in Education (OB), Human Resource Development in Education, and School Governance. Prior to joining DUCE, Shoo had worked in lower levels of basic education in Tanzania (Preprimary, Primary) and at different times taught in secondary schools as well as Teachers’ Training College. Apart from serving as a classroom teacher, Shoo had the opportunity to work as a Head Teacher, Ward Education Officer, and District Academic Teacher.

Working under experienced professionals in the education sector, Shoo improved not only technically but also professionally to gain interpersonal skills and conceptual skills in the areas of; curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. Shoo has vast experience in classroom, school and general instructional management, school leadership, education management, and administration as well as educational policies. Shoo has a deep and clear understanding ofTanzania education systems and sub-systems. Shoo developed passion in education when wondering on various aspects of teaching and learning, pedagogy, evaluation, and educational management. Shoo is convinced that education management and administration is the area to focus on foreffective and efficient education sector.Shoo has the necessary experience in effective classroom teaching under effective administrative processes. Shoo had served in the education industry as a classroom teacher, head of school, coordinator of education, District Academic Officer, Tutorial Assistant, and Assistant Lecturer. The experience that informed his thinking around teaching management and administration of education and hence able to take challenges in education positively and so turn them into opportunities. Shoo also has been active in participating in various research activities to include but not limited to one Research on Improving Systems in Education (RISE). Shoo is currently working on the research project titled: The Effects of the Implementation of (D by D) Policy Reforms on the Managerial decisions in Selected Secondary Schools. The passion to focus on the policy which provides the framework for operations.